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What Is Your Fetish and How Do You Find It?

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Would you like to know whether you have a fetish? The term “fetish” has entered mainstream usage, but most people don’t know what it is and if they have a fetish. Here is what you need to know.

Definition of Fetish

A fetish is a sexual attraction to a non-sexual body part. This attraction may also be directed towards objects. For instance, some people can be sexually aroused when they see someone’s feet or shoes.

Generally, a fetish occurs when a person can feel, smell, or see their object of attraction. The result is an orgasm, an erection, sexual arousal, or masturbation. If the subject of attraction is an object, you can ask your partner or an escort to wear it.

What Is Your Fetish?

You may have any or some of the following sexual attractions:

Body Piercing

Body piercing is a fetish among many people. Pierced eyebrows, tongues, and belly buttons can turn people on. If you get sexually aroused by such things, then you may be having a body-piercing fetish. You can ask your partner to make the piercing so you can get aroused.

Latex Fetish

You can also be attracted to a person wearing leather and latex clothes. This fetish can be triggered when your partner moves around wearing a shiny and tight latex garment. In some cases, they may move their body provocatively to induce sensual feelings.

Foot Fetish

Another common fetish is the desire to smell, kiss, and massage someone’s feet. If you commonly get sexual desires where you touch or smell your partner’s feet, then you should discuss this with your partner. They can agree to an experimental process where you try out some sexual fantasies to see if this can make you sexually aroused.


Feeling kinky when you see lingerie or somebody in lingerie can be described as a fetish. For instance, your sexual scenarios tend to be more exciting when lingerie is present. The most common type of lingerie fetish involves a person wearing stockings. This fetish is also closely associated with the foot fetish. That’s because people who adore feet tend to be attracted to foot adornments.

Underwear Fetish

Obsessed men, and sometimes women, can scoop up some underwear from a laundry line and have some sexual fantasies with it. It may also reach a point where you get excited when you see somebody putting underwear on. The same sexual excitement can also occur when you see somebody removing their underwear while teasing you. If you have ever experienced this, then you have an underwear fetish.

Bondage Fetish

Do you feel sexually aroused when you restrain your partner or your partner restrains you? This submission and dominant sexual arousal is another type of fetish. It involves one partner binding another partner with common objects such as handcuffs or even a belt. If this is your thing, you must remember to do it safely and without hurting the other person.


Perhaps your fetish is witnessing other people engaging in sex or being naked. As a result, you may feel at home when you take part in sex parties. During these parties, one couple may decide to have sex while the rest watch.

Final Words

Having a fetish is okay and exciting, provided that it does not harm anyone. If your partner is unwilling to engage in such sexual adventures, you can request strippers in Sydney or strippers in Melbourne to do it for you.

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