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Are escorts providing you more than sex?

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Are Escorts Providing You More than Sex?

The short answer is yes! While escorts are here to fulfil your steamy desires, there’s so much more that they can do for you. The comfort an escort offers easily extends beyond just sex. Wondering what else they can provide? Look no further — we have the answer here.

Need a plus one?

Have a wedding you need to go to, but don’t want the hassle of finding someone to take with you? Hire an escort as your plus one for the event. Not only are they discreet and professional, but they are also excellent conversationalists. Plus, if you love dancing, you can choose a partner with great dancing skills as well. Escorts can make a perfect companion for both the main event of the day and an evening of uncomplicated personal pleasure.

This extends beyond weddings as well. At any party or event where you could use a plus one, an escort would make a great companion. They’ll stay with you for the whole event, providing you with stress-free companionship. You also don’t have to worry about it being an awkward social engagement. Not only will your professional escort look amazing for the event, but they’ll also excel at making small talk and meaningful conversation with the other guests.

Have a fun night out

Bringing a plus one to an event isn’t the only reason you should consider taking your companion out. Want a relaxing evening with dinner and a movie? Hire an escort! Be it a dinner, movie, or whatever you’re looking for, they’re guaranteed to be a great companion. This is a wonderful option if you’re looking for that dating experience without the complications of a romantic engagement.

Dating is not always a great experience. You run the risk of being stuck somewhere with someone you end up disliking and having a miserable time while you’re out. Taking an escort instead will always result in a good time! What’s more, you don’t have to worry about trying to impress someone. Both you and your escort will have a more enjoyable night out with you just being yourself.

Escorts make great company

No matter what you’re doing with your escort — taking them to an event, going on a date with them, or simply spending time together in an intimate setting — they will always provide you with good company. Sometimes, however, you just want someone to talk to. Need to vent about whatever is annoying you or want to rave about that thing you find really interesting? Escorts are excellent listeners, and they’ll be happy to engage with whatever topic of conversation you desire.

Sex isn’t the only physical comfort

Sex is a great way for you to feel the comfort of another person while having a fun time with them. However, there are plenty of other physical comforts to enjoy. Plenty of people don’t get the physical attention that they need. Cuddling with others without the pressure of performance expectations is a wonderful example of the type of other physical comforts that escorts can provide.

Book your dream escort!

My Unikorn has escort listings in MelbourneSyndeyBrisbane, and the Gold Coast. Look through the escorts’ ads at your leisure. Each escort has a list of the services they provide. If you are looking for more than physical intimacy, checking out their unique services would be a great place to start. Of course, if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact any of our escorts to see if they’re open to what you’re interested in. Booking the escort of your dreams is easy with our services, so get out there and have some fun!



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