I love what I do for a living. Working as an escort has given me the chance to really take control of my life, working how I want, when I want. To say it's changed my life is an understatement – it's given me a whole new approach to life that I could never even have dreamed of before, and I get to have heaps of fun while I'm on the job, which is a nice bonus.

But, of course, it’s all about the clients. If I have a good client, that equals good times for me and, of course, good times for him – or, indeed, for her.

Finding a Great Client
My last client was a great client. He happened to be a man – although women can be great clients, too, don’t get me wrong! As you may have noticed, I’m open to that kind of thing – and he got in contact through my profile here on My Unikorn. Having something like My Unikorn has been wonderful for my career, as it helps me get the bookings I need without having to worry about all the advertising and admin that often comes from going freelance.

But what made this guy such a great client? Well, for starters, it seems he did his research! He checked out my profile and obviously liked what he saw, and he took the time to read about what I was into and what I was up for before he got in touch.

The First Contact
He sent me a message, and we chatted a bit. I found out a bit more about him and what he was looking for, and he mentioned some of the things on my profile as we discussed what kind of fun we could have together. He was courteous and polite throughout, never pushing the boundaries. To put it simply, he respected me and I respected him, we communicated clearly and easily, and I knew it was going to be a good date.

First impressions are always so important. There’s no need to do anything special – just being nice, chatty, and personable is enough!

The Date
We met at his place – a hotel actually, as he was from out of town and visiting on business. But he’d told me all about this already, and I was happy to accommodate. He was a little shy and said he didn’t have much experience with escorts – he just wanted to try something new in a new city – and he asked me if he was doing okay. Of course, I told him he was doing just fine. He’d carried the respect and politeness he’d shown me in our messages through into our first face-to-face meeting, he was clean and well presented, just like anyone should be on a date, and I told him that all of this was just perfect in my book!

It didn’t take long for me to help him feel at ease. It’s pretty simple to help someone feel at ease when you feel at ease, too! Yes, he was a little shy and awkward at first. But that’s perfectly natural in an unfamiliar situation, and his sweetness was endearing. We had great fun together on our date, respecting each other’s wishes and boundaries, and also respecting each other as people. He said he’d love to look me up again on My Unikorn the next time his work brought him to my town.

10/10 from me! A sweet, respectful guy looking to have some fun – and looking to help someone else have fun at the same time!


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