What Is Your Fetish and How Do You Find It?

Would you like to know whether you have a fetish? The term “fetish” has entered mainstream usage, but most people don’t know what it is and if they have a fetish. Here is what you need to know. Definition of Fetish A fetish is a sexual attraction to a non-sexual body part. This attraction may […]

What can a stripper do for you at a booking or hens party?

What Can a Stripper Do at Your Hen Party? 4 Fun Ideas We get lots of bookings for strippers and escorts here at My Unikorn, but what do these adult entertainment professionals actually do for their clients? Well, you’ll have to check out their My Unikorn profiles to discover what services they offer. You can also […]

Why Adult Entertainment is booming in 2021?

Adult Entertainment is Going Strong in 2021, but Why is This? It’s official — adult entertainment is hitting a boom period in 2021. Across Australia, escorts and strippers are receiving booking after booking, and from Melbourne to Sydney to the Gold Coast, adult entertainment professionals are reaping the rewards after a tough year in 2020. […]

Are escorts providing you more than sex?

Are Escorts Providing You More than Sex? The short answer is yes! While escorts are here to fulfil your steamy desires, there’s so much more that they can do for you. The comfort an escort offers easily extends beyond just sex. Wondering what else they can provide? Look no further — we have the answer […]